1979 – 2011 Over 30 Years of high technology

Since the beginning in 1979, the company is focus in design and manufacture induction heating machine for industrial application , especially for "automotive" industries.

In last 10 years of production we improve our specialization in hardening and tempering process. This specialization permit to IVET to achieve a great techological development and today we could claim experience and know-how at same level of most important European induction heating manufacturing company.

Our Mission is base on continuos development of products and processes. Due to this mission today we could propose to our customers an high tecnological products with top performance and great reability.

Products and technologies, sprung by the accurate choice of solutions and components, from careful control of all constructive phases and from a full functionality testing products before customers delivery.

Right company policy and continuos under take during years permit to achieve great feedback from customers. Number of customers growth years by years all around the world.

Despite a 30 years market presence, IVET staff is young, with 38 average age. Due to a complete staff organization all key processes and know how are inside the company. FLEXIBILITY, FAST Reply to customers request and a unexceptionable post-selling service are our MUST.

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